Ontario Surrogacy was formed to help you as Intended Parent(s) understand surrogacy and support you throughout your journey.
There are many challenges that can appear even in the perfect of matches. Ontario Surrogacy is here to help you overcome those challenges if or when they arise and support all parties involved.
We have a wide range of ways we can assist Intended Parents. By working with you we can build a concrete plan that will help determine what your needs and wants are and ensure you have an amazing experience.

At Ontario Surrogacy we pride ourselves on the following:
Service excellence – All parties are treated with the same respect and curtesy that we would expect if the journey was our own.
Communication – We are available 24/7 either by email or phone. If you have any concerns or just need and ear we are here.
Screening – Any potential surrogates that join our program are put through a screening process which includes but not limited to, house visits (within reasonable distance), 2-3 phone call information sessions (not including emails or text), Doctors note and criminal background check.
Support and Understanding – We understand how surrogacy can be financially and emotionally difficult. Our team is here to make sure you are feeling supported and you understand your surrogacy journey as all journeys are different.
Confidentiality – Ontario Surrogacy has strict confidentiality rules, no information is passed without your permission. We do have social media announcements but names of either party is never disclosed without written permission.
Are you ready?
We want to make sure all intended parents are ready to embark on the miraculous journey of surrogacy. Please look over the following questions. We are happy to speak with you are any time.
⦁ Are you currently working with a clinic? Has a medical professional suggested you seek surrogacy as an option to building your family? If not, are you willing to be referred to a clinic for an assessment?
⦁ Are you willing to submit a criminal records check?
⦁ Due to the costs involved with surrogacy, are you financially stable? (Proof of income may be requested).
⦁ Do you have support for family and friends?
⦁ Have you done your homework? Surrogacy is an amazing alternative to building a family, but Intended Parent(s) need to be aware of risks, challenges and the financial responsibility that comes with this process. We offer a free consultation to those seeking information and suggest you speak with us before joining.
⦁ Are you willing to have the following tests completed? Infectious diseases, psychological evaluation as well as any other tests required by the clinic?
⦁ Are you emotionally prepared for this journey?
⦁ As a couple are you both on the same page when it comes to desires before, during and after the journey? In relation to contact with the surrogate.
If you are interested in our program and would like to set up a free initial consultation please contact us either by telephone, email or by submitting an online application.