Fertility law in Canada is complex and evolving. Our parentage laws vary from province to province and our current assisted human reproduction laws are unclear and undefined in some areas. A legitimate legal service will provide you with the experience, knowledge, understanding and perspective needed to help you navigate the convoluted and changing legal landscape. It’s our job to ensure that each intended parent, surrogate mother or egg, sperm or embryo donor is informed, comfortable and protected before any medical procedures take place.

Law services will offer the following services in the areas of fertility law:

Law Services:

⦁ Surrogacy Agreements
⦁ Egg Donation Agreements
⦁ Sperm Donation Agreements
⦁ Embryo Donation Agreements
⦁ Custody Agreements
⦁ Co-Parentage Agreements
⦁ Pre-Conception Parentage Agreements
⦁ Declarations of Parentage
⦁ Surrogacy Birth Registration Assistance
⦁ Independent Legal Advice to Surrogate Mothers and Egg, Sperm and Embryo Donors

Today’s modern family takes on many forms including step-parents, children from past relationships, and couples who are no longer together. A lawyer will help ensure that the legal aspects are covered with the building or separating of a blended family. We treat every family law matter with sensitivity to help ensure the best legal outcome.

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