Please note that all amounts are in approximation as every situation is different and amounts can increase or decrease.

This information is to be only used as a guide and is not guaranteed.
Estimated Costs of Surrogacy in Canada

Fees vary from clinic to clinic:

Estimated Amount:

Cycle monitoring:

$500.00 (blood work and ultrasound)

 Pre-pregnancy and up to 12 weeks of pregnancy


Transfer expenses for Surrogate:

$1000.00 with in Ontario

$2000.00 outside Ontario

Second Beta: confirmation of pregnancy:

$500.00 - $1000.00

Monthly Reimbursements for Surrogate divided by 10 equal monthly reimbursements: (Amount varies based on Surrogate Experience)


Additional expenses that may occur:

$2000.00 multiples

$2000.00 C-section

Bed Rest: If doctor ordered

$500.00 per week

2 Yr Life Insurance policy for Surrogate:

$500.00 per year estimated

Clothing Allowance:

$500.00 (singleton)

$750.00 (multiples)

Legal Fees: Declaration of Parentage if needed

Est. $6000.00

DNA testing


Expected expenses that will occur prior to and leading up to pregnancy:

Estimated Amount:

Surrogate screening clinic fee:


Surrogate out of pocket expenses for screening:

$500.00 within Ontario

$1500.00 outside Ontario

Legal Fees:

$3500.00 (Intended Parent)

 Drafting and signing Surrogacy Agreement

$2000.00 (Surrogate)

Clinic fees: include up to two transfers as well as medication.


Third transfer:


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