Please note that all amounts are in approximation as every situation is different and amounts can increase or decrease. This information is to be only used as a guide and is not guaranteed.

Costs may be higher if you decide to use other resources such as egg/sperm donation, experienced surrogate or your surrogate is placed on bed rest. Please be aware if you are an international intended parent or your surrogate will be delivering in a different province, there is a chance that you will have to pay for your child’s stay at the hospital after birth. These amounts vary depending on if it is just a regular stay or the baby(s) are in the NICU. Some hospitals are not charging IP’s, where some have already begun to enforce this policy. You can contact the hospital directly to enquire about this. Insurance is always recommended. This costs do not include Intended Parents travel costs such as gas, air fare/ accommodations. OR the cost of egg/sperm donation. Typically, a Surrogacy Journey is “between” $70,000.00 - $90,000.00 Canadian dollars.
We recommend you budget for that amount.

* Legal Fees: Drafting and signing Surrogacy Agreement $5000.00 (Intended Parent) $2825.00 (Surrogate)

* Clinic fees Varies depending on your clinic approx. - $20,000.00

* Legal fee for the draft of a Will for Surrogate. $1000.00 approx.

* Surrogate out of pocket expenses for pre pregnancy appointments up to pregnancy. $5000.00 approx.

* Monthly Reimbursements for Surrogate divided by 10 equal monthly reimbursements: Amount varies based on Surrogate experience. $25,000.00 -$35,000.00

* Bed Rest: If doctor ordered - $500 per week for the duration of bed rest.

* $3500.00 multiples

* $3500.00 C-section

* Life Insurance policy for Surrogate: $500.00 per ann. 2 year minimum

* Clothing Allowance: $500.00 (singleton) $750.00 (multiples)

* Legal Fees: Declaration of Parentage if you choose to have a lawyer assist you. ( We recommend you do) - $6000.00

* DNA testing - approx. $2000.00 if requested

* Insurance – If required – Policy amounts are dependent to each case