You have helped us through the whole complex process of finding the right match, arranging counselling, setting up clinic appointments and getting legal referrals.
You’ve also simplified the matter of reimbursing surrogate expenses by acting as a go-between.
This has allowed us and the surrogate and her family to focus on what really matters and makes for a better experience for all concerned.
Thank you for all your help! We wouldn’t want to do it without you.

Intended Parents, Ontario

I always knew I wanted to be a surrogate, to do something so amazing for someone else and even shake up my own world!
Sometimes you meet the right person at the most perfect time to set your dreams in to action.
Through the guidance and support of Ontario Surrogacy Online’s CEO, Jackie Webber, I was able to connect with an amazing couple and help build their family.
Nurturing and growing two beautiful babies with them throughout two journeys was an experience of a lifetime that will be with me always!

Surro "N"
Surrogate, Ontario

As a surrogate I was undecided if I wanted to work with or without an agency.
You have allowed me to experience both while always being there if and when I need support.

Surrogate, Ontario

Becoming a Gestational Surrogate was a big decision for me.
After all of the research and discussions with family members was done, it was time to find an agency. I knew I wanted to go with a place that would make sure we both had an experience to treasure.
My experience has been such an incredible journey so far and the agency has been there every step of the way, answering questions, providing support and checking in on how things were progressing along. A truly humbling experience for my first time as a carrier.
Being matched with IP’s that matched my criteria was so incredibly important. The peace of mind that I had through this process has been nothing but positive.
I highly recommend Ontario Surrogacy Online for either the Intended parent or a surrogate.
Ontario Surrogacy Online is an agency that goes above and beyond to help make miracles happen.

Surro "T"
Surrogate, Ontario

I wasn’t sure how to go about surrogacy in Canada. You have helped me set out a path that works well for all of us.
I cannot thank you enough.

Javier S
Intended Father, Parla, Spain

Surrogacy is very confusing at times, you and your staff clarified a lot of the unknowns for us.
We don’t know where we would be without you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ann P.
Intended Parent, Ontario